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Multiple invoice payment

Aayushi Jha
July 2019 — 1433 views Apps

To Import Attendance Via Excel

Aayushi Jha
May 2019 — 1291 views Apps

Module which separate Invoice and delivery address on partner form.

Geo Technosoft
May 2019 — 1525 views Apps

Linking Purchase and Sales with Opportunity to get the profitability report.

Aayushi Jha
May 2019 — 1366 views Apps


Aayushi Jha
April 2019 — 1731 views Apps

Application of taxes according to HSN code in products

Aayushi Jha
April 2019 — 2065 views Apps

Modify the products and their "to consume quantity" during manufacturing

Aayushi Jha
April 2019 — 1617 views Apps

Partial production during manufacturing

Aayushi Jha
April 2019 — 1925 views Apps

Logs Update Email Notifications to Followers

Aayushi Jha
April 2019 — 1254 views Apps

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