Here we mention the benefits we can get using This Module
1. Document Security: Digital document management and storage eliminate the chances of physical records going missing or being destroyed.

2. Easier and Faster Process: Using a Digital signature will make your work faster and easier as there is no need to wait for the authorised person's presence.

3. Saves Both Cost and Time: Yes as we get from the title it will help in your time management and cost-saving.

4. Security-Enhanced: It will definitely be a security-enhanced step by which you can secure all your documents from getting the fraud signature.

5. Legality: A frequently asked by customers, the answer is yes.

6. Authenticity and Validity: Definitely it is authentic and worldwide accepted.

Steps are mentioned below there you can get guidance about how to use GTS DIGITAL SIGNATURE FOR INVOICE MODULE.


The first step is to add your signature here…


After that, the screen will be visible and click on sing in.

You can go throw with  DROW, AUTO or LOAD and simply add your signature here.

The next and last step is the final result and what it will look like. 

By using the GTS DIGITAL SIGNATURE MODULE  you can get your all documentation very safely and easily also security-enhanced step you can secure all your documents from getting a fraudulent signature. You must go throw this module and secure your signature and use it with authenticity. 

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