1. Introduction to SAP R/3 BASIS

What is basis?
Introduction to SAP R/3 Client/Server Technology and Sap R/3 Architecture Role and Responsibilities of basis consultants Database service. Application service, presentation services Introduction to OS concepts.
Introduction to SAP R/3 hardware concepts: The CPU.
Introduction to SAP R/3 hardware concepts: Storage Available SAP R/3 Platform- Windows, Solaris, UNIX.

2. Architecture of SAP R/3 Application Server

SAP R/3 Application Server Architecture 
Dialog Server Update Server SAP R/3 Work Process-Overview Managing SAP r/3 Work Processes

3. Type of SAP R/3 System and System Landscape.

Development (DEV) Testing (QTST). Production(PROD)
Single System Landscape Two system landscape.
There System Landscape.

4. SAP R/3 Installation.

Elements of R/3 Installation.
Installation Steps.
Installation of SAP R/3 on Windows 2003.
Installation of presentation server (SAP GUI) & Accessing SAP R/3 from PC Post-Installation Steps.
R3SETUP and INSTGUI Utilities Language Transport Starting and Stopping R/3 System. 

5. Navigation SAP R/3.

Logging on and off.
Graphical user interface.
On-Line Help.
Starting the R/3 System.
Starting an R/3 Instance.
Process overview at the operating system level.
Assigning Parameter Values R/3 Startup Logs and Traces.
Startup Diagnostics Database Startup Logs and Traces.
Before Stopping the R/3 System Stopping the R/3 system.
Stopping R/3: Error Diagnostics

6. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Client

Introduction to client.
Creating Client.
Client Copy (Local, Remote ,Export and Import)
Dropping a client.

7. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks-User Managements

Creating User Authorization.
Profile and Activity Groups.
Locking and Unlocking a User.
Introduction to profile Generator.
Profile Management (Single and Composite)
Limiting Logon Attempts.
Setting Password Controls.
Maintaining User defaults & options.

8. SAP R/3 Operation Mode.

Choosing an operation mode.
Setting up operation Modes/Instances.
Adapting Instance definitions and Operation Modes.
Operation Mode Switch: Advantage.
Scheduling Operation Modes Switching Operation Modes Manually.

9. SAP R/3 Profile and Operation Modes.

Default Profile 
Startup Profile Instance Profile Profile Management Changing R/3 Profile Parameters Checking and Comparing R/3 Profiles Data Archiving Spooling.
Front end Computer Spooling Access Method.

10. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks-Background Jobs.

What is background job?
Why background job processing?
Scheduling of jobs and Workload Balancing Defining a job using the job Wizard.
Executing programs as job Steps.
Start Conditions of a job.
Definition and Triggering of events Status of a job.
Job monitoring Deleting a job.

 11. SAP R/3 AdministrationTasks-ComputerCenter Management System(CCMS).
Overview of CCMS Concept.
Managing Profiles.
R/3 Operation Modes.
CCMS Monitors.
Managing SAP System Alerts Database Performance monitor.
Operating System Performance Monitor.

12. System Monitoring.

Daily / Weekly / and Monthly Monitoring.
ST22,SM50, SM21, SM13,, RZ10,SM35,SM59 etc.

13. CCMS and Performance Tuning.

System Profile Parameter Maintenance.
Performance Analysis – ST02,ST03,ST05,ST03N,STAT Setting up SAP Concept-SCOT SAP Logon Load Balancing-SMLG.

14. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks- Change and Transport ManagementSystem.

Transport System Concept.
System Types Customizing ABAp/4 Workbench Change Request Recording Change Transportation

15. SAP R/3 Transport Management System (TMS).

TMS Domain TMS Domain Controller Transport Groups Transport Layer Transport Route Transport Dictionary.
Virtual System SAP R/3 Repository

16. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks-Patch Administration

Overview of Support Packages Introduction to Applying SAP Patches Introduction to Appling Kernel Patches.

17. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – SAP DBA

Oracle Server Architecture Overview Oracle Server Startup/Shutdown Table Space Administration SAP R/3 Reorganization of an Oracle Database Sap R/3 Restore and Recovery of an Oracle Database Startup and Shutdown of database

18. Sap R/3 Printing System

Concept of Sap Spool System Architecture SPAD Create a printer Create a local Default Printer Create a number printer Create a number printer to a Role Create Cheque Printer

19. SAP R/3 General Admin Utilities

Monitoring User Sessions 
Monitoring Work Process Monitoring Update Records Monitoring Lock Entries Monitoring Client Copies R/3 System logs ABAP/4 Short Dumps System traces

20. SAP R/3 Issues and Troubleshooting

SAP R/3 Networking Issues SAP System Response trouble Shooting SAP System Startup Trouble Shooting SAPGUI Trouble Shooting Known Problems And Solution Case Studies.